Con Schedule & Report 2004...


Confirmed: I will be attending Yaoi-Con 2004 October 29 -31 in San Franciso, California with Jaki of Dogmatist. See you there.

Confirmed: I am also slated to appear with my sister, Christina Chen, at the new Americon Omega convention November 13 - 14 in Gaithersburg, MD.

Thank you to everybody that showed up to visit with me at Comic Con International 2004 last month. The Capcom / UDON Comics signing was great and I hope you all walked away happy with the sketches I did for you.

I don't have much to report this time since I didn't see any of the Hobbits, nor Jude Law nor Keanu Reeves, who it seems were there promoting upcoming projects. I did manage to see the LOTR display which was great, and am really looking forward to the Extended Edition of Return of the King. Gotta see Saruman get his comeuppance! Although, I'm not sure that I can wait until Christmas time for the DVD release. Arrrrggg.