The doos

May I use your images for role playing games, tubes, avatars, sig tags, personal website galleries or desktop wallpaper?
Yes,you may. As long as the project is non-commercial, that you don't modify the art and that artist and publisher credits are cited along with a copyright symbol and a link to my website, permission is granted freely.

What media do you use?
If you check the commentary below each piece of art in the gallery section, the media used is described.
How do you create your CG illustrations?
First, I sketch everything on paper with a pencil. Then, I scan the sketch and use software programs to paint it.
What software do you use for painting and coloring?
Adobe Photoshop and Painter.
How do you do the coloring?
I simply paint like I do with traditional media (i.e. oils, watercolors, acrylics, etc.) but use a Wacom Tablet and Stylus rather than sable brushes. It's not magic :)
What brushes in Photoshop and Painter do you use?
In Photoshop, I use the most basic, standard brushes. In Painter, my favorite brushes are "Brushy" and "Sable Chisel Tip Water" found under the oil brush option. I also like to try all kinds of new brushes depending upon my mood but normally don't create my own. Again, this is not software trickery. It's painting technique. Knowing what brushes are used in the software will not improve your painting skills. It's practice, plain and simple.
How long does it take you to draw or paint something?
It depends. For a cover painting, it can take 3 ~ 4 days. For interior comic book art, it can take as much as a week from thumbnail to finished pencils & inks for a single page. Even that is subject to the panel count and the complexity of the scenes.
Can you post a tutorial section?
Yes, I could but it won't help you since the process of creation is not performed with a laundry list to be checked off. There are no tricks. Learn the fundamentals of sketching and painting anatomy and structure, representing volume, mass, perspective, etc. by studying the masters. Then appy such learned techniques to your own work and develop a style. Worry about the basics first, then worrry about comics.
Did you attent any art school? What school?
Yes, I did. I went to Fu-Hsing Trade and Art School in Taipei, Taiwan.
How did you get into the comic book industry?
I went to comic conventions and showed my portfolio to submisssion editors for the publishers and I built a website to showcase my work. Please check the News > Interviews section of my site for interviews that discuss the details.
Why didn't you finish the Darkminds Macropolis series?
Dreamwave, my sister (Christina Chen) and I reached a mutual agreement regarding the continuation of the series and we parted company.
When will you finish your story "The Spectre King?"
I work on it between jobs for publishers and game manufacturers. Gotta pay the bills.
Will you ever publish your Asian manga in English?
I've been asked by publsihers but I'm not sure that "The Other Side of the Mirror" or the others are suitable to the U.S. and other western comic book markets. The jury's still out on this one.
The don'ts
Please don't ask me:
How much I make. (Never enough if you want the truth! Drawing comics is a hard living...honestly.)

About politics or religion. (FYI: I'm a Whig and my savior died at Waco)

My sex. Of course, I'm a female. It's Jo not Joe.

My age, blood type, vision prescription or bra size.
Where I live or what my phone number is.
About applying for a position as a 'male concubine'. No need to ask, guys! I am always accepting applications.
How to break into comics, video game design or animation. Basic reasearch on any publisher, designer and studio website will inform you of the rules for submitting samples of your work to them for consideration.
To take you on as an intern. My studio's small enough as it is.
When I will update the 'Oldies' section of the site. Patience is a virtue!
Review or critique your work. I am neither a critic nor a publisher and wouldn't be the best person to judge your creations.
To sell any of my original art work. Sorry, but I will not part with my work unless I'm reduced to living in a packing crate, in the woods behind the supermarket, eating cat food and wallowing in my own crapulence.
To answer a bunch of questions that can be answered easily by doing some basic research on the internet and on my website. I'm not trying to be patronizing, snobbish or aloof but attempting to save us both some time.
To sketch you with your girl/boy friend in anime style or your family members with your favorite cartoon, superhero or anime characters. I can't do commissions any longer. I'm sorry; just too many deadlines.
How to find and purchase copies of "The Other Side of the Mirror." Sorry, I don't have any copies to sell and the only site that I know of that sells (or used sell by mail order) is Taiwan Books. Click here to order. Other than that, my best advice is to make a Chinese or Korean friend and pester them to find and send you a copy.
Why I hate libraries. It's just a joke. More book borrowing = less book buying = less money for authors and artists. Get it? I love libraries, actually.
To exchange links. I just receive too many requests to accommodate everybody. Besides, if I allowed this, I would spend all of my time updating my website and not drawing, which is why you visit my site in the first place.