Junk Painting ( Japanese/English )
Yoshio's Homepage. With cool On-line simulation game and comics.

Web Tag (Japanese )
Ugetsu Hakua's homepage. This site is still under construction, though.

Sci+Fi ( Japanese )
Sieguki's homepage.

Colony One ( Japanese )
Kaneda's homepage. Great character design.

D.K Ground ( Japanese/Korean )
Korean artist, D.K's hompage.

Fujitani Homepage ( Japanese )
Fugitani's CG site. Got a very unique style.

"Hello" ( Japanese )
My favorite shoujo artists, Tada Yumi's site.

Inkpot ( Japanese )
Oyari Ashito's homepage.

In the court of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
( Japanese )

My childhood's favorite, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko's homepage.

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