Friends and acquaintances
Candy Shards ( English )
My sister, Christina Chen's illustration site. Forever under construciotn (laugh*

Dogmastist ( Japanese/English )
Jaki's way-cool manga site.

Cool Japanese Toys ( English )
The leading English-language informational Japanese toy site on the web.

Laiann's manga caffe ( Chinese traditional )
Well-known Taiwanses Shoujo manga artist, Laiann's offical wegsite.

Mupan ( English )
My high shool mate, Mupan's cool illustrtaion site.

Jun Kamijo ( Chinese traditional/Japanese /English )
Doujinshi artist, also the member of Secret Society, Jun Kamijo's illustration site.

Luni Solar Eye ( Chinese traditional/English )
Doujinshi artist, Witch Magi's manga site.

Jo Jo Fan ( English )
The first Jo Chen English fan site on the web.

Su Lan's Palace ( Chinese traditional )
Well-known Taiwanses Shoujo manga artist, Su Lan's offical wegsite.

Neko's Production ( Japanese )
Doujinshi artist, Neko's 2/3D illustration site. Mostly Saint Seiya related.

Manticross Productions ( English )
Adam McClard's original 2D/3D animation page.

Yoonie Land ( English )
Tommy Yune, the writer & artist of the new Speed Racer series ( Born to Race ).

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