D-Plus ( Chinese traditional )
Studio D's design and illustration site. With cool manga, anime gallery and CG tutorial.

Melting Pot ( Japanese/English )
Atushi Mamiya's illustraion site.

Cool Gray (Chinese/English )
LanGE's illustraion site.

cyberPhobia ( English )
Canadian artist, Arnold Tsang's homepage.
Lots of goodies.

EQ ( Japanese )
Sho-kichi Ishida's CG site, with MPD-Psycho related fan art.

felaxx's gallery ( English )
Ami Kim's illustration and on-line comic site.

Crimson ( Chinese traditional )
Elf's CG site.

jrtistic ( English )
Jiaxing Rong's illustration site.

joshclub ( Korean )
Korean artist, Lee soul key's illustration site.

The way of Ronin ( English )
Shin Oni's illustration site.

Tatagh Muchke ( Korean )
Korean artist ,Tatagh's illustration site. Cool Character and set design.

Painting Fantasy ( Chinese traditional )
Provids a gallery for manga fans to submit their original drawings and fan art.

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