In the Pipeline - Brief 2005 Wrap-up

2005 was a monumental year for me, professionally and personally. The personal stuff I'll keep close to the vest but professionally... In addition to wrapping up my fab gig on Brian K Vaughan's awesome series Runaways for Marvel, doing some work for Joss Whedon on the Serenity comic book (i.e. Kaylee), a continuation of his wonderful Firefly series, some fun promo work for the recent PC edition of FABLE, and having Ashley Wood feature my work in the upcoming edition of Swallow magazine, I also got to create a cover for Marvel for Free Comic Book Day 2006. Since it's no longer a secret and Brian K has discussed it on his site, I guess I'm free to reveal that the cover involves AWOL adolescents, who feel no 'Pride' in their collective heritage, and a fuzzy teacher named Logan who has a few sharp lessons for his classroom charges. Weeee! Click here for a sneak peak.

Who knows what 2006 will bring but it couldn't be any more wonderful and exhausting than 2005. One thing I will let slip is that I talking with TokyoPop to re-print my 1999 manga, The Other Side of the Mirror, in English. So, all of you who've been asking how to get copies of either the Chinese or the Korean editions, will probably have a chance to acquire and read it in English. Keep yer fingers crossed for a 2006 publication date. I'm proud of it but don't expect Tolstoy; I did this when I was a kid, remember.

Also, I continue to receive loads of requests for my published sketchbooks which I titled "Doodles From the Margin" volumes 1 and 2, and my recent doujin "Torrid Summer". I will state for the permanent record that these books were published only in Taiwan by my friends and fellow artists in The Secret Society. The profits from the sales go/went to maintaining the club's website, etc. I only have one or two copies of these sketchbooks myself. I don't think the Secret Society does international shipping, however. Write to Bobo and ask her if she will ship to you outside of Taiwan. You will have to summon and use all of your powers to decipher the website if'n you don't read Chinese.

On the bright side, my friend Jaki who lives stateside and has no such restrictions on shipping, has for sale on her site Dogmatist our co-authored doujin "Brain Stew". This inexpensive little doujin is comprised of two illustrated stories: one by me and one by Jaki. Give it a look-see. I think you'll be pleased.